Waiting for Sales? Don’t hold your breath…

Waiting for Sales?

“I’ve placed advertisements in all my local papers, got a website, printed awesome business cards and told everyone I know about my new business. For weeks now, I’ve been waiting and waiting and nothing has happened.”

Sound familiar? If it does, you need to keep on reading.

There is no such thing as waiting and waiting for sales. Your business will thrive if you have the correct attitude and approach to sales – but no successful salesperson worth their salt will advise you to wait patiently for your sales to happen. Selling requires action! It requires planning and a cycle of persistent, intelligent contact. Selling is one of those many aspects of your business that is a journey and not a destination. No business, regardless of how established it might be, can afford to take the view: There! Our sales are done! Your sales are never done.

Sales in a Nutshell

Here is a summary of the sales process, adapted from lessons I have learned, that will form an excellent foundation for attaining your first sales, increasing your existing sales and keeping those you have made in the past.  Various aspects of the process will be discussed in more detail in later articles, but you’ll definitely get the idea below.

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