Start Learning Successful Business

Welcome to our business success site!

Join in my business experiences and share your business success with readers. This site is to encourage readers to start learning – successful business will follow.

We hope to encourage sharing and learning – the author is fortunate to have been educated at secondary and tertiary levels, but the most important lessons were those learned in everyday life and the reality of running a business. Our belief is that the learning is out there and available for distribution if enough of us are willing to give time to those who need to learn from our skills; or use our time wisely to absorb knowledge from our business elders.

Really, it is one of those “You’re never too old to learn something new” scenarios. This website is compiled with the underlying idea of sharing in business success, achieved or still in the planning stages. Feel free to pick through the expertise of your business elders or share with your other colleagues.

Learn at a tertiary institution, learn through an apprenticeship, just learn. If you have any queries on how to approach a real-life business challenge, feel free to contact us and we will try to help.

The entrepreneur’s life

The life of an entrepreneur is exciting and challenging. It is also filled with fun and personal growth. Join our journey… This site is not here to make ME money, it is here to help and encourage YOU to succeed with your dreams and aspirations to become a businessperson, an entrepreneur, a CEO.

The only thing that we ask is that you make any information you might find useful here, freely available to others, as it was to you. The beauty of South Africa right now for those who are eager to learn and those who are eager to teach, is the dichotomy of a system who makes learning easy for those who might need it less by virtue of personal circumstances, while making it most challenging for those who want and need it most.

We hope this can be a forum where the privileged, who have learned certain practical lessons in the business world, can make those lessons available first-hand with a practical foundation in reality, as opposed to purely academic supposition, the noble intent of which can be lost in flaws of the local education system.

Living, learning, sharing.

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