Ongoing Learning for Entrepreneurs

Feed your Brain with Knowledge

The human brain feeds on knowledge and will be happiest and most useful if it is learning something new on a regular basis. Ongoing learning for entrepreneurs and executives is the most beneficial tool for improving your chances of achieving business success.

The knowledge that provides food for your brain does not need to be of the traditional sort. What this means, is that you do not need to undertake mammoth projects at an institute for tertiary education. You do not need to take on a two or three year course, such as a Masters degree, if you are not keen to devote that term of commitment to a learning project.

Many aspiring and current business people have an enormous work load and little available time, whether their commitments be to family, work, gym, social contributions or any combination of these and others. This makes the prospect of longer-term study unattractive, to the extent that often, they shy away from study entirely. But, ongoing learning for entrepreneurs will bring a host of benefits, not least of which is to keep all areas of your brain active.

The Value of Ongoing Formal Study

Despite the incredible demands on the modern developing executive, many corporates require that their senior staff constantly update and broaden their knowledge through on-going formal study. Corporates gain tremendous value by having their staff on all levels constantly appraised of new developments, but they are generally even more willing to contribute to the costs of this in the case of their management and executive level staff.

This generally bears fruit for the individuals by enriching their curriculum vitae, while ensuring that the corporate retains its staff with contractual obligations in return for bearing those costs.

That said, and quite apart from whether entrepreneurs can afford expensive university courses, many of them do not feel able to assume the responsibility in addition to their vast daily activities.

Alternatives to Formal Study

If you are not able to study then take up stimulating your brain and absorbing knowledge in other ways. There are almost limitless methods and fields of interest – you will surely find something that grabs your attention.

Ever wanted to learn a new language? Buy yourself some affordable language CD’s with a workbook and listen to the instruction while on your way to work.

Do you enjoy writing? Join a community on the internet such as or Research and write short articles on any topic that interests you, learn new things and disengage your mind from the daily grind.

Enjoy music? Try and learn a musical instrument, guitar, keyboard, whatever takes your fancy. Relax while you play your favourite songs – even if badly, at first.

Fascinated by history or other civilizations? Read and read some more. There are countless books or internet resources on any subject from the Roman empire to the Sumerian Annunaki from Planet X.

Were you a math wiz at school? Then you might enjoy such challenges as Sudoku, which you can learn at basic level and move at your own pace to the more advanced puzzles.

Your Brain Wants to Learn

Although learning is often relegated to the domain of children, the human mind is able and keen to learn at all ages. It is healthy to absorb knowledge and, much like exercise is encouraged to ward off physical illness and infirmity, research increasingly shows the benefits of exercising the mind and not just the body.

The onset and advance of symptoms in certain illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s, might be delayed and indeed reduced, by mental exercise combined with sensible dietary and other choices.

Even the most reluctant learners will keenly absorb knowledge if it is presented to them in the right way. So, follow your interests – most of us remember subjects at primary and secondary school as terribly boring because we were forced to learn things that were of no interest to us. Obviously, it is not advisable for children to be able to choose the subjects that they learn because schools teach a methodology of learning and not just by rote.

Ongoing Learning for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs obviously have a tremendous interest in business and expanding your knowledge on all aspects of business will be useful in running your own enterprise. If you feel out of your depth when visiting your accountant, possibly invest some time in yourself and your business by learning more about the workings of the budgeting and accounting process.

Exercise your mind and if you are able to learn something new along the way and improve yourself, you have hit the jackpot. Take the leap, research an aspect of your business that you know nothing about and learn something new.

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