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This site intends to share various experiences in starting and managing a new business in the hope that readers can learn from them and enjoy business success.

Rudi Ernst qualified and practised as an attorney before leaving the legal profession in search of avenues to explore his great passion – business!

“I am the founder and CEO of a small business and have spent years assisting in the start-up and growth of small business. One day, I hope to be a mentor and source of inspiration to aspirant entrepreneurs.

After finishing secondary schooling (what we call “matric”), I was fortunate enough to attend an excellent university and complete a degree in business, followed by a post-graduate degree in law. Local practice requires that aspiring lawyers complete two years of practical, on-the-job experience and training called “articles of clerkship”, before finally completing strenuous board exams. Then, with only limited pomp and circumstance, you are admitted to practise as an attorney and a life of seemingly endless hours with your nose in research books and waiting in courtrooms begins.

Moving forward a few years found me making the life-changing decision to rather enter the broader business world. Come what may; willy-nilly; spur of the moment; or however you choose to look at it, the decision was rather sudden and I had little planned, beyond a tentative offer to join a friend’s expansion plans in a small IT business. I knew little about IT then, and know little about IT now. I also knew little about expanding a small business then, and still have vast amounts to learn now. But I am nothing if not adventurous and eager to learn.

The business venture was not entirely successful and that initial flirtation with the entrepreneurial world ended in tears. As with many things in life that end in tears though, there was a lesson to be learned and it is about that lesson, and many others, that I intend to write. With just a little bit of luck, this blog can save others out there a few tears.

Better yet, it could bring about a shy smile of self-realization; a slow smile of hope; or that comforting smile of experiences shared and understanding that you are not the only dumbass in the world who makes mistakes.

One of my driving goals however, in business and personal engagements, is to make my way, financially and otherwise, ethically. It is intended that this underlying personal need is conveyed to all readers and whether you believe in it or not, I hope you will at least consider the proposition. That proposition, the ability to do business ethically and still be successful, has always driven me forward, to the point that I would rather not “do the deal” if it requires compromising my ethics. Compromised executives and the management carrying out their strategies, seem to be an all too common phenomenon.”

The blog Our business? Your success! is about sharing business experiences with aspiring, young, South African entrepreneurs – to give them access to insights of numerous successful entrepreneurs familiar with the unique operating environment of the South African entrepreneur. The ideal is for experiences shared here to contribute towards your business success.

We have now also launched The Progress Project – our entrepreneurship development project.

Our Business? Your Success! welcomes select contributions from experienced entrepreneurs and businesspeople.

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